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The knowledge you gain from a psychic reading not only answers questions,
it can also help you to better understand your journey through life.

A good reading leaves you feeling empowered - A good reading should never make you feel afraid.

We all desire to understand ourselves better and we all want to know what all of our possible futures may hold for us. Discover yourself. Your life is in your own hands, understand how to regain control.You can find guidance here.

She`s experience, psychic abilities, intuitions and learned skills can aide you to understand the direction in which you are travelling, assist with your health, finances, relationships, problems and it can help you find the correct path to your higher purpose as you experience brilliantly clear insight.

Dr She D'Montford

What Happens During A Session With She`

Let She` D'Montford Tell You Herself:-


Many people are aware of the breadth of my range of abilities in Australia, US and other places. When I say I am `a good all-rounder` they know they can get whatever it is that they need from me. If you are not familiar with my work as yet, don`t pigeonhole me, let me to tell you a little more about what I do. I see my work as healing your life, so that you can become a fully empowered and clear individual.

Yes, I am psychic and can give you a very accurate picture of your future, finances, love-life & health. Once I can see the issues clearly using my abilities, I can then use my other many acquired and natural abilities to heal people on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

On The Physical Level:

With your health, I do medical intuition which means I can feel what is going on inside your body and I can treat it. Then I can do healing work which I love.� I use several methods to do this.

  1. I can push universal healing energy (prana/chi/reiki) into the affected areas to give a kick start to your own healing processes, that is why you will feel so good after a reading with me.
  2. Secondly, I am a traditional and natural therapist so I can look as herbs and supplements that will support your healing process. My father had one of the first Australian health foods companies so I was raised with this knowledge. Because of this I also know what products on the market can live up to the claims they make, and that is very few of the mass produced commercial products. Ethical allopathic medicine has a vital place and if you need to see a doctor I will certainly send you off to see one.
  3. Thirdly I do body work.
    1. Frame manipulation,
    2. Craniosacral manipulation
    3. Energy massage
    4. and Deep Tissue work, to realign and release areas that are holding stress, causing sickness.

On The Emotional Level:

I am a trained counsellor so you can sort through issues with me, but I am a firm believer in process oriented psychology rather than just sitting and listening and saying "I know. I know." The methods that I feel work the best are:

  1. Gestalt therapy - to release years of suppressed emotions from trauma or negative life experiences. I show you how to vent emotions appropriately so that the are no longer coming out in an inappropriate way, when you least need it at the people whom you really don't need to vent on.
  2. Rebirthing - a� gentle but very powerful breathing technique which will allow you to reprogram the negative experiences that have imprinted upon you
    1. from your life,
    2. from your birth experiences
    3. from past lives
  3. I am a trained Sexual Therapist. If you are having difficulties in your intimate relationships, I can help you find strategies and solutions. Additionally, I can use all these other methods to assist with these issues too.

I am also a highly respected tantra teacher. I have been instructing in this magical method of recreating your life for over 23 years.

"Once you realise that we are all connected and that these abilities all work because we ARE all connected...You will understand that we all are - The One. Every one can learn to do these things that I do"

On The Mental Level:

  1. I am a trained counsellor and life coach so I can help you sort through the amazing and wonderful (though you may not feel that way right now) puzzle that is your life. I also offer a mentoring service.
  2. Neurolinguistic programming, which is a gentle form of self-hypnosis via which we can reprogram your psycho-cybernetic responses. (automatic responses to existing or new situations which are not working out the best way for you.)
  3. Voice Dialogue technique which allows the smooth integration and conscious use of the various aspects of your personality.
  4. Dream Work -� interpretation and analysis. This reveals and unlocks your deep self. Any big life messages that you are ignoring are played out for you here where you cannot ignore them. I will make sure that you get the message!

On The Spiritual Level:

  1. There are the "Psychic Readings" for which I am so famous. I see, I hear, I smell, I taste, I touch, I feel and I just know. Because I studied what was happening to me for so long I have been able to develop my abilities into many different talents. There are a lot of psychic tools in my toolbox, so that if people have a problem I can use exactly what is needed to get the job done and the problem fixed. I use:
    1. psychometry,
    2. remote viewing
    3. mediumship
    4. working with spirit,
    5. clairvoyance
    6. tarot and
    7. various forms of divination to find the answers that you need.
    I can do my readings and energy healing a)in person whilst I am here, b)on the phone or c)via Skype to anywhere in the world,� as with spirit there is no time and there is no space, where the attention goes the energy follows. (If you need one of my other therapies that need to be done face to face,)
  2. I will use ancient wisdom from many cultures to create the changes that you need in your life i.e.: spells, rituals, space/people clearings and chants etc.
  3. I do soul-retrieval and Shamanic healing work.
  4. In a non-denominational way, I can reconnect you with spirit and your divine self and thus the divinity in the universe. This is my ultimate aim and goal with all who come to see me. I wish to make you a fully empowered and divine being.
  5. Of course all of my many workshops / public lectures / meditations / books etc, are aimed at doing this in the fastest way possible. All of the topics fit together to supercharge your existing spiritual practices. We give certificates of completion for our courses, so that you can move forward with confidence and perhaps begin doing this all important spiritual empowering of others too. Currently we are striving to get our courses recognised and accredited via a university in the USA.

I also love working with the beautiful special indigo / star / psychic / super intelligent / problem children of this next evolutionary generation - they are our future. I understand how they feel. I have been there and done that. I love assisting their parents to help them find their way.

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My passion is the Tarot. I attended a Tarot class before I did yours and didn't understand a thing. I thought it was me. However, your workshop was clear, precise, systematic and a quarter of the price. I was pleasantly surprised by your professionalism. It wasn't the student after all. You are a very intuitive teacher. When the student is ready, as they say, the teacher appears. Thank you for appearing for us all.
Margaret, MacKay Qld.

So I am looking forward to working with you soon. If you have missed out on having a session with me, make sure that you book now with Ken on +61(0)402793604 . All of my sessions, no matter what I do are priced the same. No matter what form your consultation takes, you only pay for my time via one flat rate and in that time I will give to you what ever you need.



She` D`Montford is a renowned spiritual healer, her experience, psychic abilities, intuitions and learned skills can aide you.


  • Treats the soul to heal the body
  • Treats the body to heal the soul
  • Restores your being to a sense of wholeness and
  • Can help break the repeating patterns in your life
Kirlian photo of She's hand

Kirlian Photography of She` D`Montford`s Healing Hands



This page lists publications of Shambhallah Awareness Centre by their publishing arm,'The Happy Medium Publishing Company'& a few associated publications.

Text books & instruction manuals are listed for both digital download or hard copy delivery. Digital downloading is an economical and instant way of accessing information, however we realise that there is nothing like the sheen and the smell of the freshly printed page to satisfy a true bibliophile - (like myself)

If ordering hard copies please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery as we may be on tour when you order.

The remuneration from your order will be recycled to allow us to make further empowering information available to as many people as possible

After writing for and being the editor of alternative magazines for 20 years She` has a vast body of work behind her. Not all can be listed here. Please feel free to contact us if there is something specific of She`s that you are chasing

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

+61(0)402 793 604

Magick Magazine
Magick Magazine

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ESP Magazine
ESP magazine

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Nostradamus predictions are amazing but only about 10% accurate. She` D’Montford, however, has a far greater accuracy rating than that. Many of her predictions have been totally accurate, as well as global. Below are listed a few of her more recent and topical predictions as well as ones that have impacted on our daily lives.

The Economic Crisis Predictions

She` Predicted that the financial bubble would burst on the Australian and worldwide market with startling accuracy here is She`'s fine tuning of that prediction.

"Invest only in gold bullion during this period, which my achieve conflict prices as high as $5000 per oz. As od April 30th 2009, the market is approximately 33% down on its pre crash-prices. It will make a 25% recovery in late May due to popularizing of economic optimism. The market will plunge in late June 2009 due to worsening overseas conflict, interest raises and broken promises from financial institutions. There will be panic selling and will be a great time to acquire assets. There will be one final spurt of economic optimism in Nov/Dec 2009 with a recovery at this stage of only 20%. After this prices will fall to 1989 standards. The recovery will be slow from there and will take approximately 2 years. Prices will not regain their over inflated pre-crash levels."

Magickal Celebrant


I am Australia's First legal pagan marriage celebrant and it has been my privilege to be the celebrant at many legal and traditional handfastings.

To be a legally recognized celebrant means that I can perform both legally binding ceremonies that are defined under Australian law as:- 'The union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.' and non-legal traditional handfasting ceremonies.

It took me nearly 5 years to gain my registration, as they did not want to admit that Paganism is a 'faith' that required its own marriage rites. Additionally, in Queensland, where I applied, being wed according to Pagan beliefs had only just been decriminalized. However, I pinned them down in the end. As far as I knew, according to the 'Attorney Generals Office', I was the only one registered in Australia.

Happily now, I have been told that there are 3 Pagan Celebrants. One in Melbourne, one in South Australia and myself in Queensland. The 'Attorney Generals Office' are unwilling to allow any more Pagan celebrants at this stage. So now it's just a numbers game. If there are enough Pagans and Pagans wanting to be legally married according to their own rites- after the census - they will allow more.

Rev. She` D`Montford

Asking for a blessing from spirit on this new union

Public Speaking

She` D`Montford is available for public speaking engagements , writing engagements, and endorsement of ethical and preferably Pagan products.

Not only has Rev. Dr. She` D`Montford been an astounding researcher and author on the occult for many years she is also a lively, entertaining, and informative speaker! She` D'Montford delivers well researched information in a user friendly and accessible manner that could be a draw card at your next event .

She` writes and delivers discourses on a variety of topics to inspire, educate, motivate , or entertain her audiences with her presentations. She` is a religious marriage celebrant and no stranger to speaking before large gatherings of up to 5000 people , which she has done since 12 years of age.

She` D`Montford

Business Consultations

In these uncertain financial times it is comforting to gain deeper insight into the markets. She` specializes in business and corporate consultations. As a former Queensland Business Woman of the Year, She` walks her talk. She predicted the current economic down turn to the week it happened, real estate prices have followed the course she foresaw and she was spot on with the timing of the recent bank interest rises. She has very accurately predicted career surprises for high profile politians.See her `Predictions` page for more details

She` D`Montford

"These times present great opportunities for those who can correctly position themselves."
She` D`Montford

She` has become well known in the corporate world for her psychic profiling abilities. Using just a photo, She` can give employers detailed profiles on potential business partners, consultants and employees. She has been able to help resolve conflicts and head off costly victimisation suits. She` has helped some businesses locate essential stocks or limited supplies at a huge saving to the business.

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