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tantra workshop

Each time we make love we release enough energy to create a whole new life. When we don't want to conceive, if we know the techniques, we can choose to consciously channel that huge force into creating our lives the way that we want them to be. This power is limitless.

The churches, afraid of any individual becoming empowered, tried to suppress and control sexuality. Media today trivialises it and relegates sex to a recreational activity. Sex is sacred and done properly, can make us divine. The challenge is to allow the female to build to a huge crescendo of multiple, successive, intense orgasms and for the male to be able to control his release so that she can.

When this energy is built and released simultaneously the possibilities are endless. We teach the traditional Alti-Himalayan methods that pre-dated Buddhist Tantra, Taoist methods, White Tiger and western ceremonial methods.


This much requested event usually happens annually.

This year due to popular demand we will be taking it around Australia. An Empowering & Transformative experience that is Lush & Sensual

The Talking Tarot

tantra workshop

Beautifully Illustrated and in depth Tarot Deck set by She` D'Montford with meanings and correspondences on the face of each card. These cards talk to you.

"The Talking Tarot" is a full Marseilles style deck that has interpretative meanings written on the face of each card. It utilises beautiful pre-raphaelite style artwork from Kaballistic, ancient European, Egyptian, Greek and contemporary symbolism to create highly recognizable archetypal images that explore the tarot’s deeper correspondences. This deck talks to your soul.

As recomended by Cassandra Eason, author of over 85 books on metaphysics:-

"So many Tarot packs, but this one stands out. Beautiful, spiritually inspiring, based on the oldest of traditions but relevant to the twenty first century. It is created by She` D`Montford, an expert who knows the Tarot from the inside and who in this deck shares her extensive wisdom and knowledge to inspire your readings."
-Cassandra Eason

Only $35 plus postage and handling.

Be one of the first to get a signed copy of this easy to read deck.

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Some Magick schools teach only theory or a particular style of ritual. Often students are trained to repeat rituals by rote without understanding or the application of necessary methods to make the ritual effective.

The effectiveness of the methods and rituals taught at this school will be shown to you by the instructors, by your own experience and by historical records. The methods taught at this school, in most cases, have been repeated over thousands of years. They have withstood the test of time and have continued to be taught because they work. The objective results obtained by magickal methods are repeatable under controlled circumstances and are therefore a science.

We teach the science of Magick. We will not teach unproven, altered, or ineffective methods at this school. In the Sydney Mystery School, you will be taught by experienced instructors in a cookbook repeatable style.

These ancient methods and wisdoms are applicable to any belief system and or pantheon.

The methods taught at The Sydney Mystery School are based on the methods of the Alti-Hymalian Shamanic tradition that existed in that region for thousands of years before the inception of Buddhism. This Shamanic tradition is not primitive, rather it is an educated and very practical approach to all aspects of life as well as an advanced form of spirituality. Not only does it put you in direct communication with the spirit realm but it also includes study in the areas of chronology, astronomy, mathematics, science and such things as atomic and cosmological structure.

You will be able to pursue these topics as far as you desire under our advanced instructors. The course structure is set out as a condensed form of the ancient Pythagorean Mystery School in that you may pursue specialised fields of study within the overall framework.


Spiritual Development

Develop Your Own Psychic Abilitiies

Learn the techniques that worked so well for She` on the show.She` shares her experience in an intensive workshop on beginning to use 7 psychic skills:-

Learn with With She` D`Montford: -

  • See Auras
  • Feel & Direct Energy at Will
  • Perform Psychometry
  • Remote Viewing
  • Medical Intuition
  • Healing & Absent Healing
psychic development

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This 4-hour workshop highlights what it was like behind the scenes of the T.V. show with the other Psychics, demonstrates simple techniques for you to begin to be your own psychic.


Mind Body Integration

mind body integration
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